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Parent Organizations

Parent Organizations

The Parent/Teacher/Student Association (PTSA) exists as a means of providing programs and services necessary to meet the needs and interests of students at Stonybrook Middle School.  The PTSA truly represents the various facets of the school community.  When the PTSA gets involved, students benefit; when YOU get involved in PTSA, the student who benefits the most is your own.  Parent, staff, and student membership is vital to the PTSA existence.  The Association depends on EVERYONE'S membership so that many school needs can be met.

Please join the PTSA.  Membership is only $6.00; however, if everyone joins, $6.00 quickly becomes so much more!


More Information

Join for $6

Jenny Wooldridge

Vice President
Tina Brown

975 North Post Road Indianapolis, IN 46219
317.869.4300 Main
317.869.4399 Fax

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